Das Stu­dio Revaler Straße 22 in Berlin ist seit 1.9.2019 geschlossen

Nach intensiven und erkenntnisreichen 2 Jahren haben sich zum 1. September 2019 die Türen des yogaliebe Studios in der Revaler Straße 22 in Berlin geschlossen.

Die yogaliebe hat sich auf den Weg zu Neuem gemacht.

Die yogaliebe hat sich auf den Weg zu Neuem gemacht.


Ab August 2019 unterrichtet Gérard offene Inner Axis Yoga Stunden in Brandenburg / Märkisch Oderland

Cöthen 66
16259 Falkenberg / OT Cöthen

im Oktober 2019

1. + 8. + 15. + 22. + 29. Oktober


3. + 10. + 17. + 31. Oktober

jeweils von 19 — 20:30

ab November voraussichtlich:

19 — 20:30

freitags (bisher donnerstags)
19 — 20:30



Gérard is a teacher who fol­lows his heart no mat­ter what and spreads this mes­sage through his teach­ings. He is very skilled and hum­ble and he is ded­i­cat­ed to help­ing peo­ple heal.
Dur­ing a severe life and health cri­sis in 2010 Gérard found yoga and med­i­ta­tion. Because of a seri­ous disc pro­lapse he spent near­ly a full year in intense pain. Yoga and med­i­ta­tion had a huge pos­i­tive impact on his recov­ery and helped him to feel more con­nect­ed to him­self and aware of his body.
Gérard: “I learned about Inner Axis and Max’s teach­ing through one of his stu­dents and well known teacher, Annabelle Bini. With­out ever tak­ing a class or work­shop from Max per­son­al­ly, but hav­ing expe­ri­enced his sys­tem of breath­ing pat­terns and move­ments and learn­ing from Max’s lec­tures, it was crys­tal clear to me that I had to take part in his Teacher Train­ing, which I did in Berlin spring of 2019.

This was one of the best deci­sions I’ve ever made. Inner Axis is pre­cise, pow­er­ful and easy to adapt to any cir­cum­stances. It’s a very prac­ti­cal, and an acces­si­ble yoga and med­i­ta­tion prac­tice. Learn­ing to prac­tice and to teach Inner Axis was the miss­ing piece of the puz­zle in my edu­ca­tion and expe­ri­ence in yoga and well­be­ing.

I like to com­bine the heal­ing pow­er of Inner Axis with anoth­er pas­sion of mine which is play­ing the med­i­ta­tion gong, known as one of the most pow­er­ful shaman­ic heal­ing instru­ments in the yog­ic tra­di­tion.”

Gérard’s nour­ish­ing and restora­tive class­es are pre­dom­i­nant­ly Inner Axis inspired, and can be found on Tues­days and Thurs­days at his Yogaliebe stu­dio in the tiny vil­lage Cöthen, embed­ded and sur­round­ed by beau­ti­ful nature in Bran­den­burg.

Find out more:


or con­tact

Gérard via
or +49–176-43663539.

Cur­rent­ly Gérard teach­es at a Berlin sta­tioned hos­pice, offer­ing yoga and breath­ing tech­niques to the patients, rel­a­tives and also the staff and man­age­ment.

Besides reg­u­lar class­es Gérard also offers Inner Axis pri­vate ses­sions as well as cor­po­rate ses­sions.

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